Peak Pilates

Total Body Weight Transformation

Module 15 – 66 minutes

Total Body Weight Transformation​

  1. Introduction
  2. Why did your old workouts fail?
  3. The SSE Workout Super Simple and Effective
  4. How to Build BIG Muscle with Bodyweight Training?
  5. Making Sense of the science
  6. Burning fat with bodyweight training
  7. Burn fat, build strength, and improve your health
  8. The sticking point, Biceps
  9. A glossary of exercises
  10. Conclusion

BONUS Module 16 – 68 minutes​

What is Meticore?​

  1. The Best fat burning weight loss supplement Meticore
  2. Review From A Customer MUST WATCH
  3. Another Meticore Review From A Customer

What You Receive When You Enroll Now:​

✔️ Easy to follow (14+ hours) video training in Full HD resolution, more than 145 lectures in 4 GB, that walks you through every step of the Weight Loss Journey, from A to Z
($125 value)
✔️ Easy to follow (12 juicy eBooks, Tutorials, Manuals, and How-to Guides) related to Recipes, Top-Health-Tips, Nutrition Tips, Introduction to Pilates and Home Training, Keto diet and more…
($65 value)
✔️ Additional Resources and Recommended Supplements
($9 value)
✔️ Learn and Work at Your Own Pace with this Program
Weight Loss Formulas-min

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Weight Loss Formulas

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever seen. This is because it's more of a "field guide" for massive success than a traditional "online course".​

If you order today, I have great news!​

100% Money-Back Guarantee!​

Material limitations on the guarantee: Just because you have all this information, we cannot guarantee you will take action on it the way it is described.
Money-Back Guarantee

This deal may not be here tomorrow!!!
Weight Loss Formulas

Requirements and target students:​

  1. Willingness to lose weight in a healthy way.
  2. This Blueprint is for anyone who wants to learn about the science behind weight loss.
  3. With several weight loss programs to choose from, it’s tough not to see your fat melt off!

Did you know...​

A 2013 survey revealed that 57 percent of U.S. adults are concern with eating a healthier diet. 54 percent want to maintain a healthy weight, and 45 percent are trying to reduce stress in their lives.
Less than one-third of Americans are at a healthy weight. And most are not eating healthy either. The latest data show that 23 percent of Americans report consuming vegetables and fruits less than one time a day.
The ‘Few Things’ that are preventing you from losing weight and being healthy are:

  1. Making a lot of mistakes, believing in myths, that circulates by the weight loss industry.
  2. Relying too much on motivation and willpower. If you come to think of it, these commodities are not there when you need them!
  3. Having the wrong mindset. Negative and limited deep satiated beliefs. They will stop you fail every time you try a weight loss transformation.

BUT... there is still hope...​

In conclusion, the benefits of Weight Loss Formulas Blueprint:​

  1. Learn the science, habits, strategies to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off permanently,
  2. Understand the fundamentals of weight loss,
  3. Build key weight loss habits,
  4. Simultaneously build lean muscle and optimize health,
  5. Identify the most common weight loss myths and mistakes,
  6. Understand the fundamentals of weight loss (calories, protein, carbs, fat & more),
  7. Learn how much you should eat for optimal fat loss,
  8. Avoid weight-loss scams and useless supplements,
  9. Create a diet plan that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle,
  10. Develop healthy eating habits,
  11. Stay motivated for long-term results,
  12. Lose weight and keep it off permanently…

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